“We believe that the Environment is one of our greatest assets. and we are dedicated to developing sustainable waste management solutions in collaboration with our clients through renewable and ecological methods.”

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Training at the Tip of Your Finger, Backed by Accredited Agencies.


WISE provides compliance and regulatory training required under federal and state governmental agencies for waste generators, transporters and processing plants. Our online training modules allow our clients to quickly and efficiently comply with the various regulations imposed by these entities at the touch of a button. Online training allows all of your employees to take the necessary training and complete it at their own pace while working in the office or remotely.

Our modules include HIPAA, OSHA, Department of Transportation, Blood borne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment, and many more. These training programs have been designed to broadly cover a vast array of topics, and have been backed by various accredited agencies. We also offer in-person training and continued education to meet industry standards. Keep your staff and the public safe, enroll in training today.

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Save Money and Time By Utilizing Our National Infrastructure to Meet All of Your Companies Needs


WISE provides industry leading online compliance training to help your employees manage the waste process from end to end in the safest way possible


With over 20 year of Industry Experience WISE understands that that our clients always come first


At WISE everything we do is designed with safety in mind to keep your employees and patients healthy and happy

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“It is great and refreshing and reduces stress knowing I really have someone, you [WISE] … on the vendor side that can help me. Quickly and efficiently, no complaints from me. Only compliments for you [WISE]!”

Chelsey R.

“Thank you for connecting with me, appreciate you help getting us setup…”

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“Great work since I don’t have time to monitor or make sure that we get all pieces of the containers because I am not always here or available.”

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common questions

Where can I get DOT training?

WISE offers DOT: Regulated Medical Waste, HIPPA, BBP, GHS through our online compliance portal. WISE makes it easy for you and your staff to get certified with online training, learning records and certification, and a regulations library all on a single platform. To learn more about WISE’s Compliance Portal offering, visit www.WISEXPERT.com/compliance.

What is required for my facility to be considered OSHA compliant?

To be OSHA compliant, your facility must be compliant with the following, in addition to your own state laws: 1. Occupational Health and Safety Act 2. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act 3. Code of Federal Regulations

Does WISE offer compliance training and education?

Experts in the regulatory complexities governing the healthcare sector, we position ourselves as an astute partner delivering expert guidance and compliant solutions to our customers. All WISE compliance and education solutions are vetted against state and federal regulations and executed through waste plans and training to achieve optimized safety and compliance. Enjoy a user-friendly online compliance portal